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Connected Kids Initiative
P.O. Box 120673 | St. Paul, MN 55112-3388

The critical role of faith communities.

Your church is filled with amazing people and home environments

that leads to the success of a child. 

Will you ask your congregation to open their homes?

Say "Yes" and Step Up to become a Safe Families Church! 


It's super simple and your church is one of the best answers for hurting kids.

Mobilizing small groups of people.

Mom's Groups

Book studies

Mission Groups


BSF Groups

House Churches

Life Groups

Empty Nester Groups

Young Adults


Senior Groups

Sunday School

Adult Education Classes

Spiritual Formation

Outreach committees


Parent Groups

Neighborhood Groups

"Our church is doing so much already!"

We get it.  What if we shared that most church outreach activities are addressing symptoms of the overburdened child welfare system? 


Yep -it's true. 

Finding homes is a part of the solution.

Black and Blue Backpack

This is a symptom of an overwhelmed child welfare system.  Help us find homes so kids and youth are safe. 

We do backpacks.


Excellent! Again, another symptom of a greater need. Help reduce hunger by finding caring homes.

We do food drives.

Family Unwrapping

Do what you do best - build healthy families and strong communities.  You are the most equipped to do this.

Family + Community

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