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Connected Kids Initiative
P.O. Box 120673 | St. Paul, MN 55112-3388

Connected Kids Business Partnership

Businesses have the opportunity to inform 1,000's of people about kids in their community & how they Step Up to help.

The community wants to help but doesn't know how.

Our Step UP campaign allows you to let your employees & customers

know how they can Step UP.

Will your business 

educate & Invite

Your employees & customers?

  • No fees to join or belong

  • No costs associated with this program

  • We provide all materials

      We provide a monthly touchpoint material for you to share.


  • Examples of touchpoint material:​​

    • Newsletter Insert

    • Videos & relevant stories to share by email 

    • Poster or Flyer

    • Material to Hand Out

    • Information to add to your Website or Social Media 

    • Host an Educational Training

    • Do a Service Project to Help Kids

    • Internal Email template

Ask your employees to share this information with their family, friends, churches, schools, civic organizations and/or

social media.

Offer a discount on goods or services to
MN Host Homes - vetted and approved volunteers committed to diverting families from entering child welfare - working to stop child abuse in the first place.

(Safe Families for Children & MN Host Home Network)

Options include:

% off discount

Specials or Sales 

Kids for Free

Discount on a day of the week or day of month

Is your business willing to offer a discount to volunteer host homes?

Why your business will

want to help!

Multiple Benefits for creating a Partnership:

  1. Increase in products or services

  2. Increase employee engagement, morale and retention

  3. Increase customer & brand loyalty

  4. Draw media attention and coverage for free

  5. Provides a motivating purpose for your company & employees

  6. Increase shareholder return

  7. Team building, leadership

  8. Attract new business partners & relationships

  9. Generate recognition for good you create in your community/society

  10. We do the vetting and distribution of discount cards so you can feel confident

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